The Divine experience, with a bit of ouch.

The Divine massage and spa in Norwood SA. I am new to the world of massages and spa experiences, normally only offering the luxury to myself on holidays. So, receiving a voucher for an 60 minute Aromatherapy massage for christmas was exciting.

Situated in one of the upmarket areas of Adelaide, expectations were high. The Divine is on The Parade in Norwood, about five minutes from the CBD. A cosy reception area instantly calmed me, with dark feature walls, incense and soft music. I was not offered my herbal tea to enjoy while filling out forms, as stated in the brochure. Something I was looking forward to.

The treatment room was spacious, with dim light, and nourishing oil burners flickering away on the shelf. Cold towels on the massage table wasn't unpleasant, but not comforting either. The audible chatter from businessmen next door was distracting and annoying to begin with.

Anita, a lovely Phillipino lady, chattered intensly while massaging my legs about the Clipsal 500 that we could also hear. At first, I wished for silence to relax, but then found myself asking questions about the Phillipines and history. A few minutes passed, and we both quietened.

I normally tick the light to medium pressure on the forms, but this time thought I'd like something a bit firmer. I ticked medium. And boy, Anita found what felt like every sore spot in my back. Looking down at her feet, I scrunched up my face in pain, hoping I would not flinch and make it worse. Not the relaxing massage I had been imagining.

Driving home, I feel light and somewhat 'high'. Even though I suffered through the massage, I am undeniably more relaxed now. And feel like I am as light as a kite flying through the air.

My newbie experience... seven out of ten. The uber relaxed feeling I had after walking out added a few extra points.

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