Rainy Days and Tourism photography

Sometimes things seem impossible. Today we want to simulate a warm, summer holiday at the beach. And this is the type of weather we have. ImageWhat do I do? Well, option one would be to cancel the shoot and wait for a better day. But when you have organised talent to be there, and the rooms are free, we need to forge ahead. That means we go to option two.

Option Two - Make use of the sun when it does break out (if it does). And work damn quick. I may only have five minutes. One shot in five minutes can be achieved. Yes, it won't look quite the same as if we actually had beautiful weather, but Photoshop can save the day sometimes.

I also concentrate on indoor shots, which keeps the talent happy. It's not exactly nice to be standing outside on a 14 degree day with 20km winds, beachfront, in a flimsy summer dress. I freeze, and I get to rug up, so can only imagine the pain they tolerate. Let's not even mention the hair that would be getting thrown around.

Inside shots can be lit, some rooms would suffer tremendously when there isn't much light bouncing around outside. Speedlights hidden in corners and bounced softly. Or we take multiple images, lit for certain areas, composited later when editing. We can then composite a bright, sunny outside image into the window, for interiors with views. Or, if there's no view, pull the sheer and the viewer wouldn't know any different. 

On a plus side, light difference from interior to exterior isn't going to be as drastic. So harsh light falling on the floor will be reduced. Glass half full thinking!



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