The difference in retouching...

So, what does a basic retouch mean?
What about an editorial retouch?
And what do I mean when I say 'extensive' retouch?

I've had many Clients ask this, and I the answer is always hard. So, I have decided to show it visually. That's the best way with photography anyway. So I think.

Above is a food photo, let me explain the differences you can see.


No retouch

This image is straight out of the camera.

I shoot in RAW. This allows for maximum information caught, and kept, in the capture. You will find most professionals photograph in this setting. 

Why throw away information without even considering it? The more information I have, the better the image can be.

It does also mean that there is always going to be a need for some amount of retouch. This can range from a click of 'auto' in software which has varied, and sometimes unexpected, results or manipulated by the photographer individually. I typically start with an Auto Correct then adjust each file individually from there. 

RAW = better quality

After all, that is why you are paying a photographer. To get the best images possible.


Editorial Retouch

This image has had a basic Auto Correct, then individually retouched via Lightroom. 
I will lighten shadows, adjust contrast/colour/tone/crop, remove any large blemishes/distractions and adjust local areas within the image. I also sharpen/noise reduce and perhaps add some saturation/clarity/vibrancy. 

Generally, an editorial image is not taken into Photoshop for more intensive retouching.


Extensive Retouch

This image is looked at in detail. It gets the Editorial Retouch then it's taken into Photoshop for individual and precise alterations. 

I have fixed perspective, removed some of the reflections from the glasses, removed blemishes on the surface, lightened darker areas of the food and cropped slightly. 


So, what retouch do you choose?

What retouch you choose depends on the final use of your image. We can chat about it when you book your next shoot. Or, if you have any questions, leave them here for me to answer. 

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