What's the big deal with photography?

Four reasons why you need good photos for business...

"One picture tells 1000 words."

I bet you have heard this a few times before. It's true. Photographs and visuals grab the interest of the reader - if it's good enough, the reader will pause and read on. The photo sets the scene.

Time is limited.

Most people decide whether to pay attention to a website, investigate further, within a few seconds. We are all time poor. We don’t want to read lots of words when we can get the idea by looking at a photo. If that photo gets our interest, then we will invest our time to read further. This has been happening for a long time - well before the internet, newspapers had this perfected.

Photos pretty up your website, your virtual shopfront.

You wouldn't have a sloppy storefront - dust, piles of product not displayed, and clutter - for your customer to enter. Think of your website as another virtual store, make it comfortable for your target market.

"Don’t judge a book by its cover."

But we do. When you go to book accommodation for your holiday, do you look at the website, look at the pics, and see if you like the feel and quality of the place? Or do you book a room without looking at anything? If two hotels have exactly the same features, facilities and rates - people will book the nicer looking hotel. Fact. Which hotel do you want to be?



Don’t put up with generic looking stock anymore

Show off your brand with your OWN photos. 

Unique visuals add the story, trust, and interest.



Let me make this clear. I am a Professional Photographer and will always advocate the place for a pro. Pro ‘togs are always worth their money - a photo tells a thousand words, and your website is your shopfront. Get it right and you will get interest. They will always show you off the best way possible. We have invested many hours, years, and heart, into our craft. If you have the money, ALWAYS invest in a photographer first.

BUT, sometimes you don’t have the funds

OR an event happens on a whim

OR you don't have the budget for social media photos - no matter how important you realise it is

OR you are saving for a bigger photo project but need something small done

OR the boss says ‘just take some snaps’ but then wonders why the company ends up with dark, blurry unattractive photos that aren’t good to use





Have you ever bought a camera thinking ‘this will take better pictures’ and been disappointed with the results?

Already got a DSLR but getting the same results? Sometimes your photos turn out nice, sometimes they are a disaster - underexposed/overexposed, blurry, weird colour or just ‘blugh’.

Do you stress when the boss asks you to 'just take some snaps for the blog'?

Are resources limited, but you know the importance of photography and visuals to make your marketing dollar to go further?



You can learn via YouTube, workshops, in-person courses… but the problem is TIME. And then there is the little voice that says

‘I need someone to push me to implement what I learn’.

'I’ve done a course before, but then don’t implement anything’.

'I really just need private tuition, but that's expensive'.


You see some YouTube videos - but they can be confusing or too technical. Or when you try what they are saying - it turns out not as expected. Then there is the amount of time you spend on finding what you need and the big question marks that are left at the end when not all of your questions were answered.

You go to a workshop or course - and half the day is taken up by one or two individuals asking the tutor loads of questions about what f-stop and shutter speed ‘that photo’ was taken on. You get confused, you get bored, you end up doing your own thing, you leave with questions still floating around your head when driving home. 

Maybe you picked up one or two things, but you still fumble about with your camera wondering how to make photos that look good.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a place to go where you can get all the info you need?


Where you can ask questions?

Where you can get feedback on your pics?

Where there is a community of like-minded people wanting to learn and share?

Where you can develop your own Instagram (and other social media) accounts while learning?


What about getting the opportunity to talk to a pro about how to get a certain story/look/light for a pic that you have been trying to get with no luck? Well, here it is



Better Pics for Business eCourse

I want in!



An eCourse designed to put you in the drivers seat. Learn what you need. The proper way - with a mentor, practice and feedback.

Learn how to go from ‘blah’ to ‘ta-da’ with simple techniques. Use any camera - you don't need fancy equipment. Learn tricks of the trade from a pro with over 15 years experience.

This course will not only teach you the fun way of getting great pics but provide an environment where you can continue to learn. 


the difference

This course will have a little bit of geek but focus more on the story and light that makes a beautiful photograph. No matter what you are photographing. You can use a phone or a DSLR with all the bells and whistles. It doesn’t matter - most of the time (we will go through this). After all, a chef doesn’t make a yummy gourmet meal just because he has the best pots, pans, and oven.


course outline

Over eight weeks, you will be guided through camera choice, storytelling, light (after all that is what ‘photography' means) and how to get your images seen. You will see the difference a little thought and knowledge can make to your photos. You will start taking images that you are proud of - consistently.





Camera choice and accessories

Rules of photography

Product photography

People photography

Street and Landscape photography

Event photography

Edit/archive/share your images

Photo shoot plan and storyboarding


The course is delivered via video, transcripts and ‘homework’ - so you are held accountable (not in an angry road rage kind of way) to learn and try out what you are learning. After all, practice makes perfect. It also means you get personal feedback from me. 

And don't worry if you get busy with other things, or fall behind the schedule. The course is always there for you, 24/7. Do it at your pace. Do it again if you want. Look back on subjects to get clarification before your next shoot. As the course grows, you will get access to it all.



facebook community

Our Facebook community will be the place to ask questions, see what others are up to, and get feedback and inspiration. Use the community as your mentors and classmates.

Post your homework for feedback

Ask questions and help others with ideas

Collaborate with members on photo shoots, ideas and resources

Post your photos and comment on others



member rates on photography

Members receive 10% discount on all photography services from heidi who photos

heidi who photos stock library is developing. Images include travel, tourism, business and lifestyle. Licences for social media, web, print and advertising.

Commissioned photography shoots worldwide with heidi who photos. 




Don't be disappointed when you next need to 'take a snap' for social media. Sign up to Better Pics for Business now and get your photography happening. Gone are the days of blurry photos. Dull and boring photos are in the closet. Learn now how to get 'pretty pictures' that sell.








Want people to go 'wow' over your pics?
Want more clicks and Likes?
A picture tells a thousand words. Get their attention quick.







I want in!




How much is the course? $295. You get the course, the mentoring, the online community, and the ongoing discounted rates with heidi who photos. You will be all covered in the photography department! At this price, you will have made your money back with your first photo at an event or staff portrait. To give you an idea... many pros charge $150+GST upwards per hour for photography or staff portrait. 

Do I need to have a ‘real’ camera? This course is all about getting a beautiful photo, no matter the device. You can use your iPhone, tablet or camera.

How much time a week do I need to complete the course? I’d suggest an hour to two hours. The lesson will only be up to 30 minutes (trying to squeeze much more into one sitting can be a strain with everything we have to do these days). The homework is all about trying out what we are learning, and uploading your pics for feedback. You can spend as long as you want on this.

Do I have to ‘keep up’ or can I do it at my pace? It’s structured, so it only takes about an hour or two a week. We are busy but realise we need some time to go through things. Of course, you can spend longer on this, but the minimum for listening to the lesson and implementing the homework is about an hour or so. If you fall behind or need time off, no problems. Just pick up where you left off when you are ready. The Facebook community and the learnings are there all the time for you.

Do I have to wait for an intake? No, you can start anytime you want. Group intakes are there for creating more of a class feel. First intake is 1 March 2015. Learn together and see what each other is doing. Some people learn, and are more motivated when they do it this way.

I’m a real beginner - is this right for me? Yes! I go through all the basics. And I don’t get tech on you. Too much tech and even I glaze over. Let’s talk story, emotion, light - things that will capture people’s attention.

I know a bit about photography - will I learn much from this course? Yes, definitely! Not only am I covering the basics of using a camera, but we also talk about story and light. I also will be offering my day to day knowledge from what I do on shoots. Simple things that you can do too to improve your photos.


I want in!



More questions? Email me at learn@heidiwho.com. I'd love to chat with you.

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