What's happening with camping?

Caravan, camper trailer or tent?

We stayed at the caravan park in Port Elliot for the October long weekend. It got me thinking. Camping, and they way we do it, has changed in my lifetime. When I was young, I remember tents being the norm. Nowadays, caravans and camper trailers are the norms. Tents are few and far between. 

Why is that?

Are we getting snobby? Can we not afford hotels and holiday houses but still want comfort? Do we hate camping out in tents now? Are we trying to keep up with the Jones'? Or is it that prices are rising, and people that would normally get a holiday house or stay in a hotel are being pushed out of that market. At $75 plus a night for a grass site over a holiday period, consider the cost of a holiday home - maybe that is the case. All prices are rising. 

I love to rough it - or more correctly, I used to. My idea of real camping is packing the basics and heading to nature. No gourmet meals, sometimes not even chairs to sit on. A sleeping mat - ha, only when required. I would pack a salad, chickpeas, baked beans, sandwich stuff (gluten free at the moment - grr). No sauces or herbs and flavourings, keep it plain. But I haven't done this in years. Hubby likes to eat yummy stuff. I don't blame him, most people do.  

We have had a camper trailer for about five years but are now nearing the (nearly inevitable) debate of upgrading to a caravan or selling it. It doesn't get that much use, and we figure for the $ we could sell it for, we could pay for cabins when we want to go to a caravan park. And I do love a caravan park holiday with kids. 

It's common to find in caravan parks...
Patchy prickly lawned sites (if they have grass sites)
Boozy holidaymakers are drinking first thing in the morning or getting rowdy after dark
Toilets that need a key or code. 
Kids waking before the crack of dawn (normally mine)

But you also find...
kids having fun with new friends
lots of relaxing
not needing to lock up your tent
and an overwhelming strange sense of 'everything is good' and letting your children out of your sight

You don't often get one without the other - in peak season at least. Perhaps this is a discussion for around the campfire?

Just out of interest, who remembers paying $20-25 a night for sites? I do. 

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