When things go wrong on holiday...

Holidays aren't always remembered by fun moments.. sometimes it's the 'adventure'.

Holidays aren't always remembered by fun moments.. sometimes it's the 'adventure'.

Speaking to a friend the other day, I heard myself saying, 'I don't have any problems or incidents on holiday.' It got me thinking, is that true? Well, I'm not sure. A five minute chat with hubby reveals a few little oopsies...

1. We were stuck up a mountain in Phuket, with a 3yo and 1yo, with just a couple of bottles of water to share between us. Waiting for a tsunami to come, we were taken in by some very caring locals. Luckily for us, the tsunami never came. 

2. I was woken up on a flight to Groote Eylandt by my head hitting the ceiling. All other flights were to be cancelled that due, due to storm activity. We arrived, seatbelt firmly tightened, with a bit of a bump and thump.

3. We ran out of LPG on a long straight of quiet road, one hot day, in the Flinders Ranges. Hubby eventually worked out what it was, and switched to petrol. Hahaha.

4. Circum-navigating Fiji, I saw a view I wanted to take a photo of. We nearly backed off the muddy road into a dense ravine. At the time, hubby said, 'just get out of the car now'. I did, and that's when I saw the back end hanging off the cliff.

5. On our way to Fiji, our domestic flight left so late we had to run to catch our next flight. Sprint actually. With the doors to the plane shutting right on our tails.

6. Our bubba Ashton 'cut' a tooth or two, in one week, while away in Phuket. Not fun. Grizzly, tired and not wanting to eat. And his sister wanted breakfast before the restaurant would open each morning… at 5.30am.

7. I got food poisoning in Peru. Yes, I did eat a meat and potato skewer that was cooked in the gutter. But Ben didn't get sick.

8. Arriving by plane into Cuzco, I got the worst altitude sickness. Stuck in the room, crawling from bed to bathroom, for over a day, isn't the best welcome.

9. Ben got drugged (we assume) in a Rio nightclub and couldn't get out of bed for days. I took myself off to the pharmacy and got a concoction of drugs for him. My Portuguese, and year living in Brazil, paid off.

10. Our Melbourne hotel had a fire start in the air-conditioning. We were evacuated at 4am, in our skimpy summer pj's, to wait on the road with our 1 year old girl. No shops open except McDonalds, no formula, no food. And our flight was leaving in a few hours (which we did end up catching).

11. On my first ever plane flight in 1992 I spilt the contents of my tray on the person in front of me. I was just a bit excited to be there.

12. Our overnight bus ride in Turkey broke down for 10 hours. We were given a water and one muffin. That's it. I also remember having to try and hide from the random men while peeing on the hillside.

13. The shower in the apartment we lived in while working in Greece gave us electric shocks - every day.

14. After a few too many drinks, hubby crashed my work scooter - not once, but twice. Within a metre of each other. I was woken in the middle of the night to a bloodied, prickled mess that couldn't tell me what happened. He ended up on crutches.

15. We were conned into purchasing an expensive tour, and upgraded hostel, on arrival in Peru late at night. What can I say? Sleep deprived.

I'm sure I could come up with more - but this is a five minute round-up.

What's the worst thing that has happened to you?

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