For the love of life. Personal and professional development.

Do you believe in constantly improving yourself and your knowledge? Do you like learning new things? Do you strive for getting better? I do. I love learning. 

This year, I made a resolution to stop learning and start implementing. That resolution got broken a few months in when I signed up for Marie Forleo's B-School. Then, again, when I signed up for a blogging business pack. And now, here I am in Perth, with a sore bum, having been in a three-day conference. 

The 2015 Nikon AIPP Event is an annual event held each year, for photographers and videographers to learn, be inspired and network. This year, it was in Perth. Next year it's in Melbourne.

I love the conference, and although I didn't have major 'aha' moments this year, I have come away massively inspired and with warm fuzzies, having gained more photography friends. Listening to amazing creatives such as Ryan Schembri, Patrick Moreau, and Cameron Frost while chatting with photography icons David Dare Parker and Brooke Shaden, I love the passion we all share. 

Takeaways for a making the most of a conference?
1. Talk to as many people as you can. Overcome your shyness. We are all in the same situation.
2. Give away more positivity - in the form of comments, compliments or just telling someone they did a good job/you like their product.
3. Three-day conferences are long. Don't feel bad if you have to stand up at the back of the room. Also, don't eat too much heavy food at lunch and get the snooze happening.
4. Enjoy the networking nights that are booze filled - but not too much. You paid good money to go, why waste it on needing to stay in bed or feel crap.
5. Get out and wander outside whenever you can. The fresh air and sun rejuvenates you for the next session.
6. Don't be afraid to approach the speakers - they are only human, like us. They are not a better human being than us; we are all the same.

So, what do you do for personal development? If we aren't growing, where are we going? If life is a journey, we need to be constantly moving forward, pushing ourselves to learn and experience new things. Imagine being stuck at a crossroad for life - never experiencing what lies beyond. Imagine what we are missing out on while waiting and not moving forward.

Tell me your plans...

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