2016 - want to learn?

And welcome to 2016! I hope this year is a year full of fun, excitement, adventure and love for you. In all areas of your life - personal, career and family. 

I read something from a good friend of mine today, about setting your intentions on progress rather than goals. I love it. So often we are disappointed when we don't reach our lofty goals. Setting the bar high can be good, so long as you don't beat yourself up if you don't achieve exactly what you set out to do. What is that saying about reaching the stars? I forget. I guess that is also why many business plans are set out with many smaller tasks and activities scheduled to achieve the one big goal. Like a ladder - step by step. 

This year, that is what I am doing. Taking things one step at a time. To have my intentions but not dwell on achieving them. I'm going to look more at my little steps. From small things big things grow. For me, it's new beginnings. I'm continuing with my location photography but also introducing a stock photography library, developing my blog and an app, and something else rather special...

So, with that. I'd like to announce the first round of my eCourse 'Better Pics for Business' (check out promo link at end of this). It's all about learning how to get better photos for your social media, newsletters and general business stuff. Of course, there is always going to be a place for a pro photographer (can I suggest myself :) ) but sometimes you just need to get some pics. We all know how important visuals are, especially with so much competing for attention in the online world. We need to stand out and be personal and unique - and grab attention to get more attention.

Instead of talking all tech and geeking out on you, we are going to go through the storytelling aspect of the photo, talk about things to think about when aiming up your camera. AND, it's not just for fancy DSLR users, you can learn with any camera or device that takes a photo. It will be fun.

Members will get homework and feedback - to make sure you learn what is taught rather than finishing up with fuzzies still going around in your head. I guess it's a bit like a mentoring group. 


I realise that you can do any number of online courses, in-person worksops or learn for free via YouTube - but the thing that is missing is the feedback on your photos, unique learnings and techniques that you need. With the Better Pics for Business course, you have the opportunity to tailor what you need and get the answers. 

Check it out at www.heidiwho.com/betterpicsforbusiness. Starts Tuesday 1st March. AND... as a reader of heidiwhotravels you will receive the course at nearly 50% off! To get your discounted rate make sure you use the link below - this is the only place you will find the discounted rate.DON'T FOLLOW THE LINKS IN THE SHOP PAGE - UNLESS YOU WANT TO PAY FULL PRICE. :)


Feel free to email or phone me if you have any q's - I'd love to chat.

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