Social media - It's not the full story.

I’m trying to be more open and honest on social media. I think it sucks that people see only the bright and positive side of people. But you know what, it’s hard. I love my job, and I have some pretty cool photoshoots. I also get to go to awesome places. And I love to ‘show the world off to the world’. I get excited - easily. I want others to get excited. 

But you know what - it’s not all ‘happy days’

When do I want to tell people that, some days, I sit at my computer in ugg boots and tracksuit pants for the whole day? Editing hundreds of pics or invoicing or resourcing. Yes, I had one of those days yesterday. I even went out to the supermarket in tracksuit pants - felt daggy, but you know…

What about when you have a shitty day - want to put those puffy red eyes up for all to see? I’ve had those this week too. 

But I don’t. Sometimes I want to show the truth, but I don’t want all the soppy, ‘chin up’ comments. I’m not asking for love and ‘feel goods’. I just want to share that life isn’t always fabulous. 

See all those inspiring office pics all over Pinterest? Yep, that’s not my office. Mine is shambolic. I have inspirational quotes stuck on the walls with BluTak, paperwork in piles, a to-do planner (x2) on the wall, bits of equipment scattered, an old laptop in the corner and my eCourse outline still stuck up on another wall. Do I want to show this scene? Hell no. But here you go… It’s not always this bad, but you get the idea. 


I post pics from surfing and dancing… but I forget to tell you that I work late some nights. And weekends are not sacred to downtime. Having flexibility in my work does come with its consequences. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

So, my point… when you are scrolling social media, don’t take everything for face value. People normally only post the good stuff, the stuff they want to show off, the stuff they want to talk about. Remember, we are all human, and there is always more to the story than meets the eye. Don’t be harsh and judge yourself on these perceptions. 

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