What’s with the rubbish in Bali?

I’ve wandered down to Berawa beach for a late afternoon stroll. I love the beach, and I especially love it in the late afternoon when locals come down to cool off after work — watching people surf, kids splash, princesses tiptoe down to the water and burnt tourists sleeping on their sun lounger with Bintang beside them. But today I’m distracted. The beach is lined with driftwood and in between it all… tonnes of rubbish. Literally. For as far as my eye can see. 

I start to take photos of it, intrigued (and horrified) as to how much there is. I wonder where it had all come from. I’d heard that the current at this time of year brings it here from around the world, but I do wonder. So many lolly wrappers, straws and small toiletry containers. And lots of thongs. 

As I wander further, I notice people with gloves and big white bags. They are picking up rubbish and sorting it into recyclables and not recyclables. The rubbish then goes to Suwung landfill in their hired truck. The driver sends his location and photos as evidence.

I start chatting and learn that most of them are expats that are volunteering to keep the beach clean. They come down every Sunday. The beach clean is organised by Ocean Mimic - two scuba divers, Emma and Chelsea. I go up to talk to Emma, and find myself asking for a bag and glove. I wander the beach, picking up rubbish and chatting with the others for over half an hour. There is so much, I could stay all night, but have plans. 

I love what they are doing and hope it replicates along more beaches. For the environment, for the beauty and the health of our animals. It would also mean not surfing in plastic while in Bali - a bonus for me. 

If you are heading over to Bali, go check it out (more details below). Do your part. Meet at the steps by Finns Beach Club 5 pm every Sunday.

Also find them on Facebook here.

"Ocean Mimic is run by two scuba divers - Emma and Chelsea. We pursued this dream because we felt compelled to protect the ocean we both fell in love with. We met on an island in Malaysia in 2017 and saw first hand the trash wash up onto the usually spotless beaches. We created Ocean Mimic because we had no choice but to act.

We started out on this journey because we felt an urgent need to protect our oceans and our planet. We accepted that as individuals we have power. We took a leap of faith to take responsibility to do everything possible to inspire others and lead courageously by example. Mimic was our answer. A platform to inspire the public to act.

Our story is only just beginning … we need your support to make this a reality!

It all starts with you!

Thanks to everyone who joins us.

Emma & Chelsea"

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