10 'meh' places I've traveled to...

By 'meh' I mean places that didn't grab me, I didn't enjoy, didn't live up to expectations... If I went again, I might think differently. My experience, my story - not factual.

I wanted to come up with 10, but couldn't. I am appreciative of all the places that I have been, and can always find some positives, but here goes.

1. Karon, Phuket - found the staff at the hotel and restaurants to be not very helpful, got stuck up a mountain for five hours with a baby and toddler due to a tsunami warning (absolutely not Phuket's fault), itchy sea water, not much shopping but concrete city feel. Wouldn't rush back - but rather go to the outer lying areas of Phuket or a different part of Thailand.

2. Tuban, Bali - grey sand, right near the airport... you get the idea.

3. Venice - WHAT? You say. Well, the experience I had there of dark and grey waterways left me somewhat 'is that all?' I also got lost one day and had to walk a very long way back to the cruise liner I worked on. We also picked a lousy restaurant to eat at. I'd give Venice another go, though. 

4. Nadi, Fiji - I'd stay a night if I have to, to get to where I want to go. Although I did find the market interesting to meet locals, there wasn't much else here for me. Let me know if I missed something. 

5. Kuta/Legian, Bali - seems like I'm dogging down on Bali, but I'm not. Just getting fussy. I call this area concrete city with bogans. Lots of hawkers (that I can handle), tourists walking around with a beer in hand first thing in the morning, tourists being crude, tourists being rude...

6. Cruise ship ports - although I've never been a tourist on a cruise ship, I have worked on one. It sounds dreamy, cruising the Greek Islands through Croatia from Venice. But, the reality of being in port with thousands of others for a short amount of time is far from idyllic. If I got off the ship, I would always head in the complete opposite direction to the guests. I like to discover the different things and not be in a crowd of tourists. 

7. Surfers Paradise, Australia - ok, so I have never stayed here, but I did venture through here while holidaying a few suburbs south. It's too built up, too commercialised for me. 

Where is your 'meh' place?

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